Meet the Team

Frisch’s Friendly Faces

It has always been Dr. Frisch’s priority to hire his assistants based on their ability to love and connect with people.  It is important his team has integrity, compassion and a willingness to give 110% to his patient’s needs.  He considers it an extra bonus if they believe in and practice holistic healthcare in their personal lives. With that being said, many of those he has chosen to serve over the years have been patients first. Dr. Frisch and Linda have always said, “we are only as successful as our team helps us to be.” They truly believe they couldn’t accomplish all that they do without the love and support of their team.

Linda came on board in 1985 as office manager and has been successfully managing the doctor’s practice for 28 years. Wanting to work with patients, she studied chiropractic acupuncture and has assisted Dr. Todd with his patients. It is her passion to teach and help patients change unhealthy eating patterns to that of what God intended. Both she and Dr. Frisch believe food is medicine and together they partner with all their patients  to help them reclaim vibrant health.

Linda also juggles the responsibilities of managing SHAPE ReClaimed, LLC. What started as Dr. Todd developing his own homeopathic homaccord for his private practice, quickly spread amongst his colleagues who were hearing about the amazing results he was having. Trusting in Dr. Todd’s 30 years of clinical experience using homeopathy as bio-regulatory medicine, they were anxious to bring the same hope to their patients. Together, the Frisch’s are on a mission to make an impact in transforming the declining health of this nation along with 250 practitioners who have partnered with them.

Cindy came to the office in 2006. Loving the healing atmosphere, she believes her prayers were answered when offered an opportunity to serve at Dr. Frisch’s office. She brings incredible peace and harmony to the mix. She loves being a part of a team that makes an impact on health at the individual level as well as the national level.

CC brings years of expertise from an operational  level in the nutraceutical industry. Not only will her experience lend itself to the amazing growth of SHAPE ReClaimed, LLC, she is excited that God is using her to make a difference in each and every life that seeks Dr. Todd’s care.  Having worked in the corporate setting most of her career, she loves being a part of a team who are all passionate about wellness.

 Stanley – “aka” Dr. Stanley, canine consultant is our friendly “fur person” welcoming commitee. Making our patients feel right at home is his primary goal. If you don’t see him right away, please know he is assisting the doctor or Linda with another patient.

“A great team is a reflection of their leaders and we the team would like to thank our leaders, Todd and Linda, for giving us the opportunity to share in their healthcare passion.”