About the Author


Writing “About the Author” was quite the challenge.  Though I was the vessel used to write Tillie, God and Aunt Tillie were my co-authors. I absolutely, positively cannot take credit for writing this story alone. Had Aunt Tillie, born and reared in an Orthodox Jewish home, not been thirsty to know about Jesus before she passed just shy of her 94th birthday and had the Holy Spirit not poured Himself through my every keystroke to craft this beautiful story, I probably wouldn’t be writing “About the Author.”

For the past 29 years, I’ve defined myself professionally as a healthcare provider, managing my husband’s tremendously successful chiropractic practice. We are passionate to help others regain vibrant health. Together, we bring hope and healing to all those who cross our path. I studied chiropractic acupuncture 28 years ago and have been assisting Todd in the office ever since. We specialize in alternative and complimentary medicine (CAM) more recently termed “functional medicine.”

Along with chiropractic care, we treat most of what your typical internal medical doctor’s office treats, but we do so without the use of drugs. We use food as medicine and are obsessed with teaching our patients to eat food that God has put on this earth. Real live food….food that has the ability to rot or spoil. One of Todd’s mantras is: “God created food for human life, man created food for shelf life.”

We use neutraceuticals , Chinese herbs, and homeopathics  as our drugs of choice. We rely on acupuncture and its healing abilities to turn around many of the chronic health complaints we see on a daily basis.

Though I use my writing skills to serve Todd writing articles, lectures, all our SHAPE ReClaimed materials and writing for enjoyment, I never thought I’d say “I’m an author” in my lifetime.

The light of love that burned so bright in my life had just burned out, and though my heart was weeping, my soul was rejoicing. I had just closed a chapter of my life that lasted ten months, and I knew I would never be the same.

Have you ever had that feeling, more like a knowing or sense that everything will fall into its perfect place? You have no idea how it’s all going to unfold, you just know it will. That’s the assurance I received from listening to that still small voice within my soul when I drove home from the nursing home February 20, 2003. “Someday, I want you to share our story.” I knew I was hearing from God as I drove home that miraculous night and I knew the story He spoke of was His story….played out through the lives of my family, especially the last ten months of Aunt Tillie’s life.

I honestly thought I was to write our story for my children and grandchildren and future generations to come. God had another plan.

Three and a half years had passed since that miraculous night and God kept poking and prodding me to write. I had never written a book before and had no clue where to start. Knowing this was not only my story but that of God and Aunt Tillie, each time I sat down at my keyboard, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak through me and give me the right words to eloquently share our story and so He did.

From the moment I officially began writing Tillie, God ordered my steps. The events that unfolded and the doors of opportunity that opened for this story to be told as a dramatized audio production are nothing short of astonishing.

With all that God has up ahead for me to write, I suppose you could say I’m becoming more comfortable saying, “I’m an author.”

Through all this excitement in my life, I continue working side-by-side with Todd full time and remain devoted to the cause of helping others regain vibrant health.

For seven years I sat on the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture and the Council of Chiropractic Acupuncture being intimately involved in developing the national board exam for the highest degree in chiropractic acupuncture called the Diplomate. This experience was a test of perseverance beyond belief.

I was a part of the initial steering committee for SLiiM (St. Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine) in the planning stages of our annual symposiums being held in St. Louis.

When I’m not crazy busy with all of the above and then some, I try to squeeze in some of my favorite things in life like sneaking off to Wisconsin when I can steal some time away from my professional responsibilities. It’s there that the real tomboy in me comes back to life.

Strap on my backpack, tighten the laces on my hiking boots and I’m happiest when I hear the sound of my footsteps tromping on the forest floor in search of that infamous waterfall roaring off in the distance. I’m crazy about sailing through the breeze on my bicycle and can spend hours pedaling myself through life, especially when there’s a scoop of ice cream along my journey. One of my newest thrills is kayaking down narrow river passes maneuvering through swift rapids, paddling into the sea caves of Lake Superior and gently gliding across the crystal clear waters of the many lakes in northern Wisconsin. I love star gazing and thinking about what it will be like when I’m blessed to spend eternity in heaven.

I adore a rainy day at home and cooking for my family and spending all day piddling in my gardens with a zillion flowers.  I love to read and piece together jigsaw puzzles with a fire crackling in the fireplace. I love snow and lightening storms, fireworks and bubble baths. I adore setting a beautiful dinner table and entertaining friends, family and strangers.

Last, but not least by an stretch, I am especially passionate and dedicated to helping others embrace a healthier lifestyle. For the past three decades much of my leisure reading is on health related subjects as well as anything uplifting and motivating.

All those who know me, know I’m a master juggler. Juggling all my responsibilities, all my hobbies and all the Lord has for me to accomplish in this lifetime is quite the challenge, yet exciting. I simply love life and wonder what God has in store for my future.

I’m crazy about my dog Stanley and love it when he curls up next to me when I’m writing. I’m still head-over-heels in love with Todd after all these years. I believe the saying, “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.” I know that God is ordering our steps. While this could be the twilight of our careers, it seems God has much more for us to accomplish and we’re not even close to slowing down.

Though I don’t get to see the kids and grandkids often enough, I love, love, love them with all my heart.

First and last in my blessed life is my undying love and devotion to Jesus. I’m forever thankful for His grace and mercy. I am immensely grateful He gave His life so that I could be reconciled with my Father in heaven for all eternity. He paid the price so that you and I could be free….free indeed!