Healthy Tips

Gluten Free Products

Food for Life: Frozen Brown Rice Tortillas – We use them for burritos, wraps and thin crust pizza.

Tinkyada Pasta Noodles – Brown rice noodles for all your pasta dishes.

Blue Diamond Brown Rice Crackers – Pecan, Almond, Hazelnut

Bob’s Red Mill Products – This manufacturer has many Gluten Free items to choose from.

Pamela’s Waffle/Pancake Mixm Cornbread Mix, Bread Mix & Chocolate Chunk Cooke Mix

Almond Meal – Use as a substitute for flour



  • Sugar Sham by: Linda A. Frisch

    When’s the last time you looked up the definition of sham? How about artificial or brainwashed? Everyday is spent educating patients about the devastating health hazards of using artificial sweeteners. Not only are they “using,” many are addicted and their health is in serious decline. Read More

  • Evaluating Sweeteners

    There is much controversy today surrounding sweeteners. Of all the subjects we would like to shed some light on, we believe SUGAR SUBSTITUTES are a topic of significant importance. Read More

  • Revved Up???

    “It came out of nowhere! A group of friends were hovering over me asking if I was alright. I wasn’t sure why they were asking this question but what I did know: I had checked out….entering a darkness I could not control.” After repeated episodes and several trips to the emergency room with no definitive answers, Erin scheduled an appointment. Read More


Absolute cutting edge truth regarding chiropractors and the challenges they face as a profession:



New York Times, April 13, 2011 “Is Sugar Toxic” – Article by Gary Taubes

Experience Life April 2011, The Other Drug Problem, Article by Pamela Weintraub

Dr. Phil’s Comments on Chiropractic

 A soda a day raises CHD risk by 20%

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Comments on Chiropractic

See the link below for FDAs warning for statin users!!!

Sugar: The public health crisis that won’t go away.




Heart Surgeon Speaks Out on Causes of Heart Disease