Please take the time to listen to our most recent interview. Dr. Rodger Murphree, SHAPE practitioner, practicing in Birmingham, AL, interviews Dr. Todd Frisch, developer of SHAPE ReClaimed. This interview reviews the reasons behind Dr. Frisch creating his own product and discusses its many uses for restoring and transforming vibrant health.

SHAPE Founder Interview


In July of 2012 Dr. Todd Frisch was invited to speak in San Antonio, TX at the Vision Forum-Food & Family Reformation.  He  was asked to teach on two topics: The Genesis of Illness to Wellness and Weight to Loss? Metabolic Clues!

The first lecture takes the patient through an audio journey helping the general public to understand the effect of inflammation and how it contributes to the decline of one’s health.

The “Genesis” of Illness to Wellness

In the second lecture Dr. Frisch exposes the horrific obesity epidemic that is crushing the health of this nation.  In this audio lecture he helps the general public understand how inflammation effects on  brain and digestive health, the immune system and the function of one’s pancreas.  He finishes the lecture with a broad overview of the SHAPE ReClaimed program.

Weight to Lose? Metabolic Clues!